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“I’m Not Bad” started as a therapeutic exercise for me. I wanted to tell my story and I wanted someone (even if it was only one person and that person was my spouse) to read it. I wanted someone else to understand my pain and writing has always been an easier way for me to articulate my thoughts than speaking out loud. My voice, words, and thoughts were rarely heard growing up. But I’m not special-that is how it is with all who survive abuse. As I started to think about what prompted me to write my memoir, I realized it’s because I couldn’t make a difference then-that little girl didn’t feel safe enough to speak up-but she does now. If my book helped one other person caught in the literal Hell that is the cycle of generational trauma, my time and effort would be well spent. 


Apocalyptic City

In the year 2036, the United States has split down party lines into two ultra-wealthy nations: A Republican Theocracy, "God's Repulbic of Terra" and a Democratic Oligarchy, "The United StratoSphere". 
As the son of a corrupt Republic senator, Alix Clayton must navigate the dangers of being queer in a world where being himself is not only dangerous, but illegal.

This series forces us to ask ourselves difficult questions about the human existence, namely is it worth being alive if you cannot be yourself?


Book no.2
Book no.1
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